Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Moving In or Out?

Moving is often a challenging, stressful time whether you’re vacating or moving in. Deadlines, family, landlords, and the big mess you’ve got on your hands all compound to create anxiety and tensions tend to run high. Luckily, you can call us to help relieve you of some of the pressure you may be feeling with your big move.

Our ladies are experienced, careful, and always clean with the effort and attention you’d put into your own place, if you had the time and energy. You should feel at home in your new place, knowing that it’s been cleaned and quality checked by professionals with you and yours in mind.

Take The Stress Out Of Moving

Wouldn’t you love to not have to scrub those messes that you’ve been procrastinating? Or know that the new place you’ll be occupying is rid of harmful germs and bacteria. Rather than making time to clean your place, make a call to us so we can take care of it for you. You’ll be surprised at how much less stress you’ll feel after you schedule your appointment.

What’s Included In Your Move In / Move Out Cleaning

Check out our Included services then call us at 201-650-3147 to get your new or old place cleaned and looking its best. We’ve been in this business long enough to know exactly what needs to be done and we don’t miss a spot. Let us take some of the weight of moving off your shoulders with a service that goes above and beyond every time.


 Clean tub/shower stall
 Commode inside & out
 Lights, mirrors, counter
 Paper holder/towel racks
 Vacuum & hand wash floors


 Make beds / change linens
 Dust furniture
 Dust light fixtures
 Dust exposed heat registers and baseboards
 Dust windowsills
 Damp mop floors
 Lampshades & Artwork


 Clean kitchen, including sinks, countertops, and appliance exteriors
 Cabinet fronts, table, and chair legs
 Refrigerator seals and air vents
 Inside window above sink
 Wash inside microwave
 Hand wash floors
 Vacuum carpets
 Clean under couch cushions
 Patio doors inside and out


Ready For A Clean, Happy Home?

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Ready For A Clean, Happy Home?

Call Us Today