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Top-to-Bottom Office Cleaning

Offices can be one of the most germ ridden environments that we interact in every day. In one study, researchers found that within four hours, more than 50 percent of surfaces and employees were contaminated with a virus carried by a sick coworker. The effects of an unsanitary office can not only hinder your business by losing employees to illness, but can also result in you introducing harmful germs and bacteria to your loved ones at home.

At Euromaids we are keenly aware of the issue of harmful germs and bacterias in office spaces. That’s why our experienced, diligent ladies take special care when cleaning offices. They use a system to ensure that bathroom tools are kept separate, and we use antibacterials on surfaces like keyboards, desks, door handles, and other high-contact areas.

A Clean Office Is A Healthy Office

We believe that a clean office is a healthy office, and a healthy office is an efficient one. If you are a business owner who works in an office, do you really want to be paying your employees when they’re not even at work? Instead of being at home in bed, they could be generating money for your business instead of costing you!

Also consider that for management positions, the cost of taking sick days is almost double that of lower level employees (.23 centers per hour vs .53 cents). As a business owner, your health is far too valuable for you to be spending a majority of your day in a germ infested environment, exposing yourself and others to harmful bacteria.

What’s Included In Your Office Cleaning

Check out our included services then call us at 201-650-3147 to start running a more efficient office. We’ve been in this business long enough to see the effects of a clean and sanitary working environment. Let us show you the value with a service that goes above and beyond every time.


 Commode inside & out
 Lights, mirrors, counter
 Paper holder/towel racks
 Vacuum & damp mop floors


 Clean kitchen, including sinks, countertops, and appliance exteriors
 Cabinet fronts, table, and chair legs
 Refrigerator seals and air vents
 Clean inside microwave
 Vacuum carpets
 Disinfect desks and tables
 Patio doors inside and out

Ready For A Clean, Healthy Office Space?

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Ready For A Clean, Healthy Office Space?

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